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Tinnitus Often Results In The Sound Of Ringing Phase gou cold as Li Tianyu, opening Road. I am curious, you and Liu empty, is it a person Li Tianyu s eyes to see the phase, then open again. It can be said that it can not be said. Do not rush hands and said tens of millions of years ago, I was the sky of the mainland people, but strayed into the bronze hall, came to this world, and later established a longevity tribe. Unfortunately, before long, I was killed by the enemy, the flesh and soul are dead, but at that time my repair, has reached the golden fairy, so the residual will of a will, turned into immortal spirit A Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing thousand years ago, Liu Mingming woke me up through a special law, and made a deal with me, he provided me with blood food, and I poured part of the blood of the blood poured into him, to help him enhance the repair. Hear the words of the Gouou, everyone will look to the eyes and have a similar face with Liu Kong Ming, Moulu strange color. They did not expect, Liu empty Ming actually have such a terrible secret law, not only to awaken no spiritual wisdom of the spirit, but also directly absorb the power of how much tinnitus is interfering with a person's life the spirit. No wonder, the original unknown Liu empty Ming, in a short span of thousands of years, will be revised from the fairyland to Taiyi mysterious fairyland. Many people in the eyes, flashing the color of greed, if they Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing can get this secret law, and then wake up a spirit, continue to provide blood food, would not it be able to quickly upgrade repair I m afraid he has paid a heavy price for it. Li Tianyu has looked calmly said. Yes, he did not know that every time I had given him strength, he could devour his soul. Although not long before, he found this, but he could not get rid of my control. Until now, I finally completely swallowed his soul, and his body, has become my avatar. Finished, staring at the eyes of Li Tianyu, smiled and said I told you so much, is to give you a chance, as long as you are willing to me, I can spare you die, even I can let You control the longevity tribe, how Not interested in. Li Tianyu looked indifferent shook his head, replied. Do not know how to do it, so you will die. Xiangou face sank, cold shouted Road. With his voice falling, his stature Meng Yi Yi, toward Li Tianyu culling from. At the same time, and he has the same face Liu empty Ming, or that his avatar, but also an instant, came to the front of Li Tianyu. The ninth hundred and fifty chapters of mine robbery of the Granville Jing Luo s stature blinks out, directly in the already have become a cross in front of Liu empty Ming. Hi.lucky, or bad luck. Said bad luck, because it is too unlucky, the first time they met the space storm. Said good luck, because the emergence of space storms, often accompanied by a large number of virtual spirit. Moreover, the terrible space storm, but also mainly in this, although the virtual spirit is not a real creature, but the strength is extremely terrible, can easily kill the general Wu Sheng. The most important thing is that the general means, simply can not hurt the virtual spirit, ordinary attack, almost no effect. what At this time, suddenly came a scream, scared everyone hurriedly looked up and saw a man of the fire Ling family, the moment will be space tramp tear, then the whole body was involved in the space storm, instant Between the Jieshi Jieshi. This is just the beginning, then, there have been screams heard, one by one to die, so that everyone s face is a big change. Virtual spirit, a lot of virtual spirit At this time, and came a cry, everyone is full of eyes Yi Chan, then condensate eyes looked. I saw a road gray shadow, constantly flying from the depths of the space storm, but also accompanied by a sharp sound of the strange call, so that everyone felt only scalp tingling, palpitations Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing endless. This is the virtual spirit Li Tianyu eyes a condensate, these virtual spirit of the body, about two adult size, the body as fog in general, it seems that there is no real flesh and blood. what But also a screams sounded, I saw a man was a number of virtual spirit wrapped up, just the slightest effort, the whole body will become nothing, as if the devil swallowed the general. Terrible horror. Everyone is the heart of the bitter trembling, then it is crazy to escape to the Quartet. Li Xiong, we are also fast to go, once the virtual spirit wrapped, will be extremely troublesome. Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing Yan Yang toward Li Tianyu said. it is good. Li Tianyu nodded his current repair for the strength, it is impossible to face so many virtual spirit at the same time. Moreover, the space storm is still in the rapid expansion, once the space storm swallowed, I am afraid even if he is now the flesh, it is difficult to live out. Four did not delay, at an extremely fast pace, flew toward the distance. However, those virtual spirit does not seem to intend to let them, closely follow. I do not know how long before, Li Tianyu four people found immediately behind the virtual spirit, not only did not reduce, but more than a few times. It seems that the space storm is about to sweep the whole of nothingness, we mu.

his tomb, Not necessarily the Qin Dynasty Team, a very burly young man, asked Professor Lin. It is very possible that the reason why this ancient tomb is also known as the ancient ruins, it is because his age is too long, but because of which excavated many of the cultural relics, was identified as the Qin Dynasty things, so it will be identified as Qin Toward the tomb. Professor Lin pondered, then open the road. I listen to an archaeologist saying that the tomb is even likely to exist for thousands of years, and even this tomb can be traced back to the gods. A small body of a young woman, also said. Wu Ling, Qian Jin, it seems that you both have done some preparation. Professor Lin saw a young man and a woman, opening Road. Fengshen era, is the Shang and Zhou dynasties, but also the era of immortal legend. Other people can not help but feel the color of the eyebrows excited, if only the tomb of the Qin Dynasty, they can find up to some of the Qin Dynasty cultural relics, but if it is the ancient relics of the era of God, then they may even come into contact with the legendary God gods. Of course, this tomb is really belongs to the gods, but also need them to explore. Gods Li Tianyu naturally clearly heard these words, if this tomb, really is the ancient relics of Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing the era of God, then he came to this, will be harvested. Who are you, why have we followed us At this time, Li Susu suddenly turned his head, asked Li Tianyu drink. She had long found that this very handsome young man, has been with them, thought the other side is only curious, but now it seems that the other seems to have the same purpose with them. Heard there is a suspicion is the tomb of the ancient ruins of the Qin Dynasty, under the curiosity, they come to see. Li Tianyu smile, the next way. Curiosity to kill the cat, you d better stop there, otherwise, into the tomb, no one can protect you. Li Susu s eyes look to Li Tianyu, once again open the road. I do not need to be protected, it is better to let me walk with you, how can I protect you, how Li Tianyu smiled and said. You protect us Looks good, does not mean strength is strong, look at you a weak look, it is estimated that even I can not beat. Li Pu Su Bai under the Li Tianyu, said You do not follow us, if prompted Professor Lin unhappy, and ultimately to be scolded. Li Tianyu some silent shook his head, or the first time someone said he was weak. But his magic body, really not burly, coupled with fair skin, and his handsome face, really easy to give a feeling of a weak sch.s, he nodded slightly. The ninth hundred sixty six chapters of the king s blood See Jinyun fairy actually took Li Tianyu s arm, and even whisper, it is extremely close, Ji He son s face suddenly become extremely ugly. Zhao and Su Ju are also gloomy face, then saw Jihe son of a, and his eyes fell on Li Tianyu s body, Moulu cold smile. For the means of Ji He son, they are very clear, Li Tianyu dare in his face, and Jinyun fairy so close, the end will be extremely miserable. However, they also found the breath is no less than Ji He son of Mo Ke, and even hope that the two will be jade, so that they get the fisherman, hold the beauty of the return. And Mo Ke at this time it is faint smile looking at Li Tianyu, seems to say that he Yan Fu is not shallow. Jinyun, even if you want to refuse me, there is no need to open such a joke, how can you see such a person, he even with Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing me on the qualifications are not. Ji He son cold swept Li Tianyu a glance, then toward the Jinyun fairy said. Yes, he is no strength or family background, can not compare with you, but I like him, how Jinyun fairy cold voice back. With her voice down, including Ji He son, Zhaozhou, Su Ju, including all, can not help but stunned, and all looked confused color. Jinyun fairy name, they have heard, especially her cold arrogance, but also let countless admirers ran into a wall. For this, Ji He son, Zhaozhou, Su Ju three people is a deep understanding, no matter how they seek Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing to please, Jinyun fairies are cold relative, never gave them a good look to see. But now, Jinyun fairy not only in front of so many people face, grabbed a man s arm, and even frankly like each other. Which makes them how to accept, especially this guy is not even Jinxian not, is completely like ants like presence, even get their desire and not the beauty of the heart. Boy, know the words, immediately let go Jinyun, and since then, not allowed to go back to her half step, otherwise, do not blame me blunt. Ji He son cold as Li Tianyu, opening Road. If I do not agree Li Tianyu indifferent smile, replied. Do not promise to die. Ji He son face sank, cold channel. With his voice down, a horrible breath from his body swept out, toward Li Tianyu severely oppressed. This guy is over, with the strength of Ji He son, kill him as Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing a pinch an ants so simple. It is not worth it for a woman to lose her life Everyone around the eyes are miniature, whispering. At this time, standing Li Tianyu side of the Mo Ke, footsteps forward a cross, suddenly, a violent Buddha magic breat.ds of people choose to join the longevity tribe. For these people s defection, Li Tianyu did not open to stop, look has been very calm. Everyone has the right to choose, he has no reason to stop, too lazy to stop. Choose to decide the fate of each person need to bear the consequences Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing for their own choice, since these people Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing choose to join the so called longevity tribe, it would have to bear the consequences of preparation. In Li Tianyu view, this middle aged man s words, obviously not credible. Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing If you really just to let them join the longevity tribe, can start directly to explain why the millions of troops will be surrounded by them, but also massacre their nearly half. Obviously, even if these people finally can join the longevity tribe, the end is not much better to go. Do you still want to continue to resist At this time, that middle aged man will look to Li Tianyu hundreds of people, opening Road. Li Tianyu ignored the middle aged man, but will look to the spirit of Lan Lan respect, said predecessors, you can deal with a few A few Li Tianyu heard the words, Ling Lan month could not help but stunned, then wry smile, said up to one, and I may not be able to resist for too long. Although the same is the strength of God, but the other is to repair the immortal, to a higher level of Xian Li as a fundamental attack of Granville can be far better than her. If not her repair has reached the upper god of the environment, and the eyes of the six people seem to have just broken soon, I am afraid she can not even compete with a. Black Emperor, you. Li Tianyu nodded slightly, he naturally knew this point, then asked the black Emperor asked. The emperor can at least solve the two. Has restored the human form of the Black Emperor back. Well, the rest of the three, all to me. Liu Tianyu nodded. Although his cultivation is still still Dili, but the real strength is enough to match the spirit of God, and the general environment, he can easily solve. After all, he is now flesh, has been enough to pulsatile tinnitus cure match the real fairyland, just this point, let him invincible. I do not know how to live and kill, kill them. I heard Li Tianyu three dialogue, middle aged man face ugly cold drink soon. With his voice down, I saw six of their stature at the same time flashing out, toward the three Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing people to kill Li Tianyu. Li Tianyu three did not hesitate, toward the hit six people welcome. Ling Lan month respect for the opponent is a gray man, the strength of the two in between, sometimes it is difficult to separate the outcome

Tinnitus Often Results In The Sound Of Ringing l of fear of the color. This is the soul of the longevity tribe Li Tianyu eyes micro condensate, looked up to the horror of the horror figure. Adults, this trouble, Liu Ming Ming actually attracted the real body of the spirit. Jing Luo looked very dignified toward Li Tianyu said. What is the existence of the spirit Li Tianyu turned his eyes, asked Jing Luo asked. When the creatures practice to a certain level, even if the death of the fall, the soul annihilation, its own powerful will, but also into immortal spirit. Jing Luo explained. Chapter 9449 Fighting the Spirit The spirit is a special existence, it should not be wise, even the creatures are not really, can only be regarded as the spirit of the spirit of the body. But now, everyone s eyes that lie in the sky above the huge figure, but with fierce brutal eyes, looking at each of them. Even, they can from the eyes of the soul, feel the most primitive desire to want all of them all swallowed the desire. It seems that in the eyes of the soul, they are food, blood food. At this moment, tens of millions of people in the field, except that is crazy laughing Liu Ming Ming, almost all people are pale, eye full of fear of the color. Especially those who participated in the sacrifice ceremony of the longevity of the Tinnitus Management Guide tribal members, but also a heart tremble endless, the face of the color of despair, because they are very clear, the heroic terrible. Moreover, the eyes of this spirit has condensed the real body, and even seems to have a spiritual wisdom. Today, all of you are going to die, and you will be able to break through the golden age of Taiyi, and I will be able to follow the golden fairyland. Liu empty face looked crazy color of the crowd, opening Road. Finished, he looked to Li Tianyu eyes, sneered In fact, I really should thank you, if you do not come up with this scene today, I really may not be determined to all of them become a complex adult Of the food. And, in order to express gratitude to you, I will make you the first to become the adult blood food, this is your honor. It s like a dog. Li Tianyu indifferent Tinnitus often results in the sound of ringing smile, then looked up and looked at the sky of the spirit, ridiculed. This spirit of the body, than the black body into a battle after the form of a huge, but also from the appearance point of view, indeed some like a dog. Immediately, Li Tianyu turned his eyes and teased toward the Black Emperor The Emperor, this guy will not be your brother for years Do not believe that the emperor has killed you. Heard this, the black emperor.d the way of the division, but from the Heavenly Master, and the heavenly government by Zhang control, Zhang Daoyun founder, is Zhang Home of the third generation of Heavenly Master, the strength is extremely strong. Since you are all fighters, can you seal the king of this king again Li Tianyu open again. I can not do, past life of me, although also got the division of the division, but even ordinary fairy are not really, and more likely to compare with Zhang Daoyun founder. Little Taoist smile, shook his head. Paused, he moved toward Li Tianyu said I think your Buddha repair, at least you can match the Buddha Rohan, maybe you can seal him again. Li Tianyu nodded, although he did not practice the real means of Buddhism, but with his imperial territory of Buddhism and Taoism, coupled with the nine words of the powerful words of the powerful tactics, even if it can not completely kill the name of Arou Shura royal family, will certainly be able to seal it again. Immediately, he no longer delayed, the body of Buddha bloom, toward the Arou spread away. Scoff Accompanied by bursts of light ring, that layer of black gas by the shield, an instant collapse will be broken open. Ok At this time, Alohe also aware of this scene, then his pair of huge blood to see Li Tianyu, then exposed the color of disgust The original is my most annoying Buddhist people, but you come late I have been unable to stop me. With his voice falling, a violent black gas suddenly swept out from him. Bang The next moment, bound to his body that chain, actually suddenly broken open to open. Then, Alohe s huge body, stood up directly. Haha Aloe laughed, then his body, blooming out of a very horrible atmosphere. Powerful, extremely powerful, and desperate. Little Taoist mind at the moment, has been completely shocked in there, although he knew, Shura royal family is very strong, but did not think, just breath is so terrible. He even doubts that even the real fairy, it may not be this Aloe s opponent. This is under trouble, this Aloe s strength, I am afraid that has gone beyond the general fairy, we can not be his opponent. Little Taoist face is quite ugly whisper. This is the real strength of the king of Shura Seems to be weak. At this time, suddenly a voice sounded, so that the priest directly stunned in there, weak Then he will look to Li Tianyu, actually seen from the other side of the disappointment of the color. Li Tianyu really disappointed, he thought that this Arroyo since it is the king of Shura, must be equiva.

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