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Fast Facts On Tinnitus olar. Let him go together, there are a lot of people to take care. At this time, Professor Lin suddenly said a cry, so that Lee Susu can not help but slightly stunned under the heart of Professor Tao Lin when so good to speak. After entering the tomb, do not leave me too far, if you really meet the danger, you yourself first escape it. Li Susu toward Li Tianyu whispered. Know. Li Tianyu nodded with a smile. My name is Li Su Su, what is your name Li Susu looked Li Tianyu handsome face, asked. Li Tianyu. Li Tianyu replied. It looks like we were two hundred years ago or a family. Li Susan smiled and said. Do not say five hundred years ago, even before the millennium, we will not be a family. Li Tianyu heart secretly heard, in fact, he can be considered a thousand years ago the ancients. Yes, here is the entrance to the tomb. At this point, Professor Lin s voice suddenly came, so that everyone is eyes micro coagulation Chapter 904 into the tomb Looking at the front of the palace as the entrance of the ancient palace, everyone is the mind of a condensate, they even feel that there is a very strong atmosphere of the ancient impinge. This is the entrance to the tomb How do I feel this is an ancient palace I am afraid even the beginning of the emperor s house, it can not be Fast facts on tinnitus compared with this. Although it is the tomb, but also the ancient ruins, naturally not the cemetery so simple Everyone whispered talking about, all the strange smell of the surface. Sure enough, this grave is not simple. Li Tianyu heart is also illegal channels, although back, due to the difference between heaven and earth origin, he lost Fast facts on tinnitus control of the rules and the ability of the road, and even the origin of power can no longer be driven, but his imperial territory of martial arts, still able to feel Get, this grave in the faintly out of the extraordinary atmosphere. I remind you again, although this ancient ruins were identified as the tomb of the Qin Dynasty, there are a lot of people from the inside back, but I always feel that this entry will be extremely dangerous, you sure to go in Li Susu toward Li Tianyu whispered. She did not say a word, that is, she suspected of entering the tomb, not as Professor Lin said, but the archaeological task is so simple. That s why, why are you going in Li Tianyu smiled and asked. The archaeological task, be regarded as our graduation assessment, if not go, they can not graduate, we archaeological books are popular, if even this task can not be completed, I am afraid the future of the f.k up their own entrusted people, but also a will be so that their infatuation of the people. Even if the cold has been relentless moonlight, at the moment her eyes, can not help but thrown a plume of waves. However, only a moment, then completely recovered as ever. Since you care about her, why do not you use an artifact or a door as a dowry to marry her directly from the palaces Ling Lan s eyes staring at Li Tianyu, said. I will naturally take her away, but not with this approach. Li Tianyu back to the sentence, then look to the moon, said With me to leave As long as you like, no one can stop. To his current strength, though not to be able to compete with the entire moon, but as long as he wanted to leave, no one can stop. I do not know that I do not know you, even if I really is your friend, I will not leave with you. Moonlight without any hesitation, said coldly You have your way, I have my way, whether we know before, what is the relationship, please do not stop me from the road, otherwise, you are me The enemy. Hear the words of the moon, Li Tianyu brow wrinkled, but did not say anything. Because he knows that if they go on, not only can not let the moon with their own to leave, but will be against each other enemies, this is not what he wanted. Sky, I think she will be so, there must be any reason, or do not force her. At this time, Linger went to the side of Li Tianyu, whispered Since you have found her, you do not have to be too impatient, I believe that as long as she found why why, they will be able to let her change her mind. Well, I see. Li Tianyu nodded, replied. Boy, to your strength now, not to mention the area of a palace of Goddess, even the prehistoric continent of those real fairies, how many will be how much, why so care. Wearing a black robe of the black Emperor, mouth holding a touch of evil smile, but also said If it is not, the emperor will help you to this moon god goddess, Ling Lan respect all go back is. As the voice of the Black Emperor fell, the whole space was suddenly dead. Everyone is stunned with the eyes looked at the black Emperor, this guy crazy it, said to grab the moon god of the gods also fills, even with even the spirit of the moon together with a strong back. Ling Lan Yue respect, Not only the palace of the older generation of goddess, but also the existence of God and the gods, how can such a humiliation. Li Tianyu at this time is also a black line, he did not think that the black Emperor this guy would have at this time to say such a shaking words. L.

od in the mysterious memory, that is the support of the emperor, no matter where they are, what is repair, are willing to surrender the emperor. Ang Li Tianyu top of the head that the size of the air transport Jinlong, Yang Tian roar soon. The next moment, endless bright golden light, filled the whole world, then pour down, come in every family of people. At the same time, Li Tianyu s body, blooming out of a terrorist power and influence, toward the Quartet oppression away, shocked million families. Suddenly, the vast territory of the vast number of strong, are moving, the strong and even the saints of all ethnic groups, but also feel this unit belongs to the emperor s supreme power and influence. The emperor was born Some of the sleeping fossils of countless years, have also been awakening, have to look to the closure of the road above the dignified figure. Well, how the emperor, dare Fast facts on tinnitus to mouth out of the wild, will be billions of dollars into the territory of the nation. I do not know how many years old guy live, toward the direction of the closure of Lengheng Sheng heard, then stature pierced the void, toward this side flashing from. Set foot in the human territory, die. Li Tianyu looked up, two horrible eyes, directly through the void, came in the old guy s body. Ah the damn emperor, to be restored to the king, will destroy your family. A screams spread between heaven and earth, contains a monstrous roar of roaring, rolling from. However, the voice has not completely dissipated, Li Tianyu is a palm to play. No damn, you dare Roar stopped abruptly, the world is gradually restored calm. T5 N5 P The ninth day of the ninth chapter of the conquest Plump This is to subvert the public awareness of the scene, so that all the people under the mountain, are completely shocked in there. Too strong and terrible. Just a random blow, then I do not know how many years live live fossil killed. Your Majesty is mighty. After a brief silence, the crowd burst into bursts of cheers. And those of the strongest of all the family and the world of heaven and earth, at the moment the face is quite ugly, Terran royal so powerful, but also extremely high handed, which they come to their families, is not a good thing. At the same time, due to the emperor born, all the family vibration, countless strong are with vigilant eyes to see where the Terran. And even many of the living fried from the sleeping fossils, all with fear of the eyes look to this side. Originally, they also intend to repair after.isten to the king said, what is the glory of this matter. Almost all of the Terran strong, all gathered here from here. In the palace under the walls of the huge square, has brought together a large number of people, can be described as crowded, full of people head. Moreover, these people repair, almost all in the Golden Sons above, it is estimated that the vast majority of Terran strong, all have been gathered here. Chapter 104 is the beginning of the road The whole of the square outside the city, full of people, at least tens of millions of people as much. Moreover, it is only a small part of the people who come to this side after hearing the news of the king s preaching. Only because of the reasons for repair, coupled with the distance is also very far away, so many people fail to arrive on time. However, even if they know that they will miss the sermon, they still still come at full speed. In any case, the emperor is the royal family, they should come to worship. At this time, gathered here people are basically the real strong Terran, but also the major forces of the high level, such as some of the ancient tribal patriarch, there are some emperors, the emperor and so on. Li Tianyu s eyes overlooking the crowd, he is now a real emperor, naturally should contribute to the Terran. In addition, he practiced the number of days of the temple, the flesh is a fusion of the fate Fast facts on tinnitus of a ray of strength, so he can be related to everything, get a little premonition. Before he, they faint kind of premonition, their own card to prove that the road is not ordinary, but the way of the emperor. Therefore, there will be today s Fast facts on tinnitus sermon. As for what he is going to say, nature is the way of human law, he will teach to ear infection and tinnitus all the real ancient law. This ancient law is that he from the ancient words of the word, and even be regarded as ancestors and ancestors of the ancestors of the inheritance. He believes that as Fast facts on tinnitus long as all ethnic groups are practicing the ancients law, the strength of the entire family, will be able to upgrade several grades, even if the alien comprehensive violations, but also to have a war of power. Think of this, Li Tianyu stood up and took a step forward. And as he took this step, the bottom of that tens of millions of people strong, suddenly all quiet down, all eyes, all staring at him. The next moment, everyone is neatly toward Li Tianyu respectful line of a ceremony. Meet the emperor. Unanimous voice, straight into the sky, resounded through the whole world. You are free. Li Tianyu face wi.nd even great power have emerged, they no longer hope. However, they still did not leave, after all, Jinxian all are usually see the first dragon did not see the end, great power has never seen. Now all of a sudden there are so many, they naturally want to stay to see. With the emergence of two great powers, that a dozen gold cents face also sink down, most of them even directly turned, and those Xuanxian and Taiyi Xuanxian the same, hiding in Fast facts on tinnitus the distance. They are very clear, then there must be a shaking war, if too close, most likely to be affected. Immortal birth, my cow also come to a lively. At this time, the depths of the mountains out of a golden angle cattle, who distributed terror atmosphere. There is another great skill. All the people face aghast, they naturally can feel, gold corner of the body of the breath of cattle, no less than those two great powers, or even faint stronger. Thai early, Tang Hua, Sai Hu three exist in the world, at the moment are all bitter color, they probably can only give up. I did not expect that this fairy tires not only attracted the golden cents, and even alerted the three masterpiece. Li Tianyu Mouguang shining, the hearts of illegal channels soon. Golden angle Niu Wang, you old things, actually not dead. Jin Yi old man brow slightly, eyes look to the golden angle of cattle, opening Road. Shao Feng, you did not die, how could I die. Golden horns of the king of a little back to the sentence. Shao Feng, Jiang Mo, Jingzhou in the southern region, I do not know how many years did not appear this treasure, the original, we have done after a three, the winner can get, but the holy city of the fate of the General Assembly held soon, Presumably you do not want to compete for this immortal injury, missed the fate of the General Assembly, right Golden angle cattle and the king will look to the old man and purple middle aged, once again open the road. Heard this, Shao Feng and Jiang Mo are in silence, it seems that in the discretion of King Kong Niu Wang words. How do you say that After a moment, Shao Feng asked the gold angle Niu Wang said. Jiang Mo s eyes also look to the angle of the King of cattle, waiting for its answer. Since we do not want to hurt or even death, then they blow a blow, who can crush jasper, so Xianzhu really born, then fairies will be owned by all, how King of gold and gold pondered, then open the road. Well, that s it. Shao Feng nodded, replied. Yes. Jiang Mo also nodded his head. I ll come first. King Kong Niu Wang finished, they saw his.

Fast Facts On Tinnitus next, opening Road. This is the old bastard, if not his treasure powerful, the emperor and how could he not, but could not be sealed in the God of War tower endless years. Black Emperor hates. Black Emperor, does your peak strength, has reached how to stop tinnitus the level of gold cents Li Tianyu heard eyes micro condensate, then asked the black Emperor asked. Although the black Emperor was Shuhua Jinxian seal in the God of War tower endless years, but it is enough to explain the strength of the Black Emperor even if the other side, I am afraid at least have a war of power. Moreover, even the level of the gods Shu Hua, can not kill the Black Emperor, can only seal it. Means that the strength of the ancient black Emperor, at least reached the level of Jinshan. If I can completely restore the strength of the general Fast facts on tinnitus golden cents, I can directly devour. Black Emperor nodded his eyes. Get the black Emperor sure answer, Li Tianyu and Linger s eye, are unable to reveal the shock of the color. Jinxian, even in the prehistoric world, can be regarded as the real strong. They did not think that the black Emperor this guy s real strength, even so strong. Black Emperor, I am curious, what is your ontology Li Tianyu s eyes look to the Black Emperor, once again open the road. From the beginning, he was very Fast facts on tinnitus curious, what is the body of the Black Emperor. But every time he asked, the Black Emperor only said he was a chaotic animal, but never say what Fast facts on tinnitus their own body is what. To Li Tianyu now the horizon, the vast majority of Wicked, animal, and Swirestick, he has to understand. However, for the body of the Black Emperor, he could not find any relevant information. Has a powerful flesh and terror speed, can change the size, into the battle shape, it is able to devour everything. And even those who have thousands of feet of the real dragon, in front of the Black Emperor, but also almost no power of resistance, he was easily swallowed. Since you want to know that the emperor will tell you that my ontology is the third of the chaos of the beast. Black Emperor Moulu proud of the color of the said. Black Emperor, chaotic animal in the end what kind of presence Linger also curious look at the black Emperor, asked. Chaos beasts, born in chaos, born with a strong supernatural powers, and, even if only childhood, also has comparable to the strength of gold cents. The Black Emperor continued And we swallow the beast, it is a very powerful chaotic animal, in hundreds of thousands of chaotic animals in the third, with the devouring supern.d it, incredible. The crowd constantly heard exclaimed voice, almost everyone s face, are filled with incredible color. Even the Jihe fairy, eye also exposed the different color. To know that the existence of the Church of the years, more than a million years, almost every Fast facts on tinnitus year a large number of genius came to try to climb, but so far no one can board more than twenty nine. Now, finally someone broke through the shackles like this figure. That demon demon king did not delay, stature flashing out, want tinnitus therapie to bang on the number of three Fast facts on tinnitus nine. Bang Unfortunately, when he rushed to the twenty fifth step of the moment, the whole body was Meng s thunder down. This also means that this respect the demon king, the impact of the number of nine failed, and only just two steps. Pity. All the people are not shaking his head sigh, if this demon demon king can then rush two steps, you can Fast facts on tinnitus set foot in the number of thirty, the saints pass law. That the demon demon king although the heart is extremely unwilling, but it can only go back to the crowd, and did not intend to climb the second time, because he is very clear, even if he tried the second time, the third the results still will not change The I ll try it. Moko lifted his footsteps and walked towards the sanctuary. Suddenly, everyone will focus on the body of Mo Ke, it can be said that the presence of all, in addition to Ji He son, it is his most powerful atmosphere. Perhaps, this Buddha of the same person, it is possible to break through the shackles, set foot in the number of three or nine. The Sixteenth Eighth Chapter of the Holy Act In the eyes of everyone looking forward to, Mo Ke set foot on the holy station. With the previous few people, he soon came to the twenty ninth of the eighteenth steps. No hesitation, he continued to lift the pace, set foot on a higher level of the steps. See Mo Ke firmly standing on the 19th step above, everyone is eyes flashing, and sure enough, Mo Ke s strength than before that few people to be a lot stronger. Mo Ke continued to climb, the twentieth steps, twenty one, twenty two With the rising level of the Mo Ke, everyone s heartbeat is getting faster and faster, and even hold your breath, eyes tightly staring at him. After a while, Mo Ke will set foot on the twenty fifth step. That is, in this step, before the demon demon king was thundered down. And Mo Ke was firmly standing on the above, enough to prove his strength, has gone beyond that demon demon king. However, then he was able to board two steps, set.

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